How To Ease New Job Nerves!

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Posted on: 12/10/2023

Why is the first day of a new job so scary and is it normal to be scared?

In short – yes! It is perfectly normal. Most people experience some level of nerves when starting a new job. Within this blog we look at tips for starting a new job and how to manage those first day nerves.

Embrace them

You are not alone in feeling first day nerves. Don’t pretend that they aren’t there, embrace them and recognise that the nerves are only a temporary feeling and are in fact completely normal.

Better still, think of your nerves as a good thing, it shows that you care about what you’re doing and are pushing yourself into new experiences. Well done you!


Break it down – Step by step

Thinking about the new job as a whole can make it seem daunting. Break it down into manageable pieces, concentrate on day one initially and then take it day by day after that. Maybe organise something nice to do after your first day at work to break up the week and have something different to focus on.


Be prepared for your first day in your new job

As with many things in life, preparation is key. Take the time to think about the things you can do to help day one go smoothly.

  • How will you get to work and how long will it take? Map out the journey, do a dummy run and time it if necessary.
  • Will you need to take lunch with you or is there a shop nearby? Make sure you take a drinks bottle too!
  • Do you know the dress code? If not, find out in advance.
  • Take a pen and paper – you never know when you will need to take notes.
  • Remember to take your positivity! Everyone loves and responds to a positive person and mindset.


Contact your Manager about your first day nerves

If you are particularly worried about something, then contact your new Manager in advance and put your mind at ease. A quick phone call or e mail could save hours of unnecessary worry and stress.


Don’t let imposter syndrome take over

Remember that YOU were chosen for the job. Your new employer saw something in you, whether that was your skill set, your knowledge, your expertise, your personality – or more likely a combination of all of them.

If they believe that you are good enough for the role, then so should you!


Focus on the positives

Try and put those first day nerves aside and concentrate on the positives. What was it that attracted you to the role in the first place. What parts of the role are you particularly excited about. What new opportunities will this next step open up for you.


Why do you have first day nerves?

Finally, write down what you believe are the reasons for the first day nerves. Putting them down in black and white will give more clarity to the situation and allow you to focus on the issues one by one. Think about what you can do to ease the nerves, is there anything on the list that you can eradicate completely through a simple task such as the ones laid out above?

Admittedly, you may not fully understand the reasons for the new job nerves, again remember that they are perfectly normal, and you are not alone in feeling them! This article from the Harvard Business Review looks at some of the more common reasons why first day nerves occur

Yes, a new job can be scary, but it can also be a very exciting new chapter in your life journey. Celebrate your accomplishment in getting this far and landing a new role. Most importantly, look forward to what the future might bring!

Well done on landing your new job!!


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