What to expect when working with an agency

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Posted on: 30/12/2021

For a Healthcare assistant or support worker that hasn’t worked through an agency before, it can feel a bit daunting applying to an agency. When you’re not sure what to expect, it’s understandably nerve-wracking!

But at QS Care we’re always here to help and guide you through each step. Here’s what to expect when you apply for a role through us.

Starting your journey with QS Care

“I had heard of QS Care and having a look through their website I thought it would be worth speaking to them, so I sent over my CV…”

The first step is, of course, the application process. You can apply in several different ways; we always encourage our candidates to do whatever makes them the most comfortable. Whether this is applying online or by calling us up directly. We have recently updated our website so that candidates can access everything all in one place when looking for a new opportunity. Our job search tool can be refined by job, postcode, distance and sector.

Once you have completed this process, one of our specialists from our dedicated care team will be in touch. It is during this stage where you will be able to talk through all of your relevant experience and discuss the setting you would be most comfortable working in, for example, assisted care or care homes. You will also be able to discuss preferred working hours, location and any concerns or questions you may have. At QS Care we are focused on our individual candidate needs and will always try our best to accommodate your personal preferences and needs.

The Relevant Information

I’ve now been in touch with QS Care but I’m not sure I have all the relevant or updated documentation, what do I do now?”

We will always ensure any candidates work completely compliantly with no exceptions. You will be contacted by one of our Compliance Care Officers, who will cover any questions you may have regarding the documents you need and any other requirements before starting a new position. Before you can complete a shift with us, we will need to ensure all of your relevant documentation is updated, including DBS checks, vaccine status and more. If, for example, your DBS check is still being processed, our Compliance Officer will be in touch regularly to update you with where in the process the check is and to ensure you’ve had no changes of circumstances since we last spoke. As always, we are available at all times. Should you have any concerns at any point, we would like to stress that it is our priority to ensure our candidates feel at ease and that we will try to take all the stress off this process for you!

Shift Availability and Working with Us

All of my documentation has now been updated, I am ready to work and know the times I can work, what’s next?”

Great! You’re now ready to work with us! Once you are fully compliant and ready to work with us, we will contact you to get your most updated availability and we will always aim to get you out on a shift as soon as possible. We have a range of positions available and by this stage, we will have already discussed all of your preferences, so we will be able to provide you with the work that will suit you best. Once you have agreed to the role, QS Care will call you well in advance of your shift to talk through any details you may need to know and any questions you may have. Remember to ask us anything! We always love answering your questions to ensure both our clients and candidate are happy throughout your placement.

Once your shift is completed, we will call you afterwards and catch up to ensure everything went well, talk through any issues or simply be a listening ear! As our name suggests, we CARE about our candidates and always ensure we do everything we can to make your job as enjoyable as possible.

Finally, after your shift, we will regularly be in touch to keep you updated with any new opportunities and to ensure everything is still going smoothly.

QS Care are here when you need us

“I’m completing a night shift and have some concerns, I need to call someone at QS Care, will I be able to do this?”

Yes. Simple as that. We are available for our candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have any concerns at all, no matter how minor they may be, whether you are on shift or not, QS Care is always here for you. Should you call us out of typical working hours, you will come directly through to a QS Care consultant who will be on hand to deal with any issue you may have.

Overall, it is our priority to make sure all of our candidates know that we will always prioritise their wellbeing, on and off shifts. We will always answer any questions you may have and do our best to make you feel cared for throughout the whole process. We hope this blog post answers all of the questions you may have if you’ve not worked through an agency before, but as always, contact us for any further information.

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