Are you looking to make the move from working in live-in-care to care homes?

We’re aware that the healthcare sector has taken its fair share of hits over the last two years since the emergence of Covid-19, however, we also know that now more than ever more individuals want to work within the healthcare arena to help those who need care the most. Within this blog, we discuss the main differences between working in a care home and working in a live-in-care environment.

Here’s what to expect:

Firstly, it is important to understand the main differences between live-in care and care homes. Live-in care refers to a specialist carer who lives in the home of the client to provide continual, one-to-one, personalised and tailored care to the individual. Whereas, when working in a care or residential home setting, you as the candidate, are not living in the home and work with a number of support and health workers who are jointly responsible for the care of the residents.

Live-In Care Includes:

Care Homes Include:

Change of Environment

One of the main differences to be aware of when looking to make a move from live-in care duties to a residential home is the change of environment. There can be a sense of community within a care home which can provide security and safety for the residents. This is almost a complete contrast from working in a live-in-care environment, where typically, it would be the same setting and individual every day.

Another difference is the support system provided when working in a care home. Care homes offer a secure place for residents to stay, with someone on hand night and day to respond to emergencies and this responsibility is not in the hands of one individual. Whereas in live-in care the typical scenario is one carer to one individual. When working as a carer within a residential care home you are never on your own. You will constantly have a team of other like-minded individuals around you to not only help with the care of the residents themselves but to also ensure you do not feel isolated and stay motivated.


Another important factor to consider when moving from working in different care settings is the level of flexibility you have access to. When working in live-in-care, by nature of the role, your time is no longer your own. When living with the client, your time is dictated by who you are caring for rather than by yourself and your own commitments etc. Although most live-in-care works on a rota basis, your hours are dictated for you. However, a significant advantage over care homes is that the individual’s routine doesn’t need to be changed, and the care can be customised to their needs. Though, when working in a care home there is generally more autonomy to choose your hours. When working through QS Care, we will always aim to ensure the role you are placed into works for both you and our client. We have a huge variety of roles available on our website to accommodate full, part-time or contract work. View all of our available roles here.

Another big difference between working in a live-in-care environment and a care home is the emotional toll. In addition to assisting with activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing, a live-in caregiver is also required to provide companionship and emotional support, whereas when working in a care home, this responsibility is shared amongst multiple staff members.


As a live-in carer, a spare room is nearly always required to provide the care required for the individual. This can sometimes cause issues when it comes to privacy and bonding. Some people lead more private lives than others, or they might have been living at home by themselves for a long time and find that having a stranger move in is a big adjustment. Care homes provide many services that enable residents to live comfortably and independently in an environment where they feel safe and secure while receiving personal attention at all hours.

Choosing the right type of care environment to work in can be challenging. There are many types of care. It’s important to consider not only what will work best for you, but also for those you are providing care for. Although this decision may be a challenge, QS Care is here for our candidates every step of the way and will always endeavour to provide the best care possible.

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