At QS Recruitment, we place great value on what our clients think about the service they have received from us. Whether they’re saying nice things about us or not, the feedback we receive from out clients and workers is incredibly valuable to our business.

While positive feedback can provide a boost, constructive criticism can often help to shape the way we do business and improve our offering to ensure it more effectively meets the needs of all our candidates and partners. For over two decades, we have delivered a high quality recruitment service to businesses throughout the East Midlands.  As our name suggests, providing a ‘Quality Service’ is the main objective of our business and we have based our philosophy upon honesty and integrity.

That’s why we’ve introduced a customer satisfaction survey, to give all of the partners and candidates we work with the opportunity to let us know what they think of the service we provide.

In consultation with our staff, and through a customer satisfaction survey conducted on our behalf by a third party in October 2015, we identified the key points of customer service which we must deliver.  These are to be:



We wanted to provide a platform for our clients to give honest feedback, as we appreciate that it is sometimes difficult for a client to provide constructive criticism to a member of our staff, with whom they have developed a long-standing relationship with. We also wanted to offer a simple way for our clients to provide feedback to us, that was not too time-consuming.

We will select a sample of 50% of our clients to take part in each survey, which will be conducted quarterly.   If chosen to take part, the client’s representative will receive an invitation email.  A link within the email will take the participant through to the survey form, which comprises 13  statements about our performance.  Feedback on the statements can be provided with the click of a mouse, and the feedback will be based on how strongly  the client agrees or  disagrees with each statement.

The results of this survey will provide us with a benchmark score for each of our offices. They give a starting point from which to identify any areas of concern that our clients might have, so we can drive through improvements in those areas if needed. They give us the ability to demonstrate to our customers that we are not complacent and will work hard to deliver the improvements they have highlighted to us.

Our key business focus and mentality is to provide a consistent quality service and the feedback we receive through the survey will enable us to deliver on our objective of continuous evolution and improvement. You simply can’t put a price on that kind of insight.

If you have received (or do receive in the future) an email inviting you to take part, please take a few moments out of your day to participate and help shape our continual improvement.