QS Care Heroes

The Covid 19 pandemic is unprecedented in our time.

It has changed the way we live, it has changed the way we work, it has changed the way we interact.

Our society needed people to come forward – to step up – to become the backbone of the healthcare crisis.

Care Homes were in vital need of support and we called upon our Care Assistants to help. Our fantastic workforce did not let us down and selflessly put themselves forward to work on the frontline

Alongside our existing team we saw a large number of new Care Assistants contacting us, they also wanted to offer their skills and abilities and have made invaluable contributions to our service. They made it possible for us to offer more support and assist homes in caring for the most vulnerable members of our society.

These amazing workers are our QS CARE HEROES and we can not thank them enough.

We would like to take the opportunity over the next few weeks to recognise our carers and they amazing work they do. These will be updated regularly to give us the opportunity to show our appreciation to all of them.


Mariam joined the QS Care team right at the beginning of the pandemic. During the past 4 months she has delivered a high level of support and she is very often asked for by name! We are thrilled that Mariam chose to join us and we are grateful for all the help she given throughout this very difficult time. Thank you Mariam and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.


Zelma has worked for QS Care on and off for a number of years and to date has completed nearly 100 shifts for us in various homes across the local area. Recently she has been supporting one of our homes with differing shift patterns and some 1-2-1 work. As with all our carers Zelma has proven to be an asset to both QS Care and our client throughout the recent pandemic, ensuring that vital care is given and this pivotal time. Thank you Zelma for all your work during this last couple of months and in previous years.


Claire has recently joined QS Care and immediately proved herself to be an important part of our team. Her dedicated support within one home has allowed her to build a relationship with both the home and it’s residents. We know that working in a care environment throughout the Covid crisis is no small undertaking and Claire, like many at this time, has selflessly put caring for others as a priority. We would like to show our appreciation and say a huge thank you for all your work Claire.


Neil also joined QS Care towards the beginning of the pandemic and like his colleagues has prioritised the care of some of the most vulnerable people within our society, ensuring that they are provided with a high level of care at a time which can be both stressful and lonely. Neil has also dedicated his support to just one care home and to date has covered nearly 50 shifts for them. Thank you Neil for your hard work, it is hugely appreciated by all of us here at QS Care.