1. Derby City Council – Bramble Brook House

    Derby City Council – Bramble Brook House
    September 23, 2016

    We have received excellent service from QS Recruitment in Derby, the staff are always pleasant and professional.

    They always manage to cover shifts and provide us with high quality staff either care or catering staff.

    I would recommend QS to other care homes that need help to cover shifts.

    We look forward to continuing to work with QS.

  2. The Beeches

    The Beeches
    September 23, 2016

    We Have recently started to use QS recruitment on the occasions when we need Agency staff due to staff shortages.

    The office staff are pleasant and professional, they always ring back with the name of the carer who will be working in the home, and always do a follow up call the next day to ensure that there were no problems.

    The care staff who are provided are unfailingly well mannered, polite, punctual and knowledgeable.

  3. Radcliffe Manor House

    Radcliffe Manor House
    August 3, 2016


    Radcliffe Manor House has used the services of QS recruitment for several years. They offer an excellent service which includes finding a worker as quickly as possible then calling to tell us who will be coming to the home. Whenever possible they will send staff who have worked here before and know the residents and the layout of the home.

    In general the agency staff are reliable, very kind and work in a professional manner. This is appreciated by care staff in the home who feel that the agency worker is a help and support to them in meeting the needs of the residents. Their Consultants will also phone after the shift has taken place to ensure we are happy with the worker that attended (especially if it is a worker who is new to the home). QS have also assisted the home when in early 2013 a manager was required to start work as soon as possible, QS supplied an interim manager who later went on to become the home’s registered manager. Radcliffe Manor House are more than satisfied with the service provided by QS and they are always our first port of call when we require agency care staff.

  4. Abbeyfield Society

    Abbeyfield Society
    June 16, 2016

    I am the registered manager of a care home which is part of The Abbeyfield Society. There are times when all else fails and agency staff need to be used. At the beginning of 2013 I received a telephone call from QS Recruitment asking to meet me to discuss their terms and conditions. During our meeting I was alerted by a member of my own staff, there was a care assistant required for our evening shift that day. I took a chance and asked if there was any way their recruitment agency could provide a care assistant for our five to ten shift. Immediately the QS Recruitment staff returned to their office and within thirty minutes I received the name of a care assistant. I don’t use agency staff on a regular basis, however on the occasions when I do, the calibre of staff from QS recruitment are competent individuals who do a great job.